A how-to guide for throwing the ultimate Pride party

Pride month is upon us and this year marks the 50th Pride celebration, a tradition that was birthed by the courage and fervour displayed by the brave queer men and women who fought against their oppressors during the 1969 Stonewall riots. Since then, Pride has blossomed into a celebration of identity and equality where people from every walk of life are able to embrace their individuality and unite under one flag; the rainbow.

For this Pride month, wedding and event planner Trevor Frankfort stopped by The Social to show us how to throw the ultimate at-home Pride party for those of us who prefer to celebrate with family and friends.

Glam wall

In this day and age, the general consensus is that if you don’t post about the event, it didn’t happen which makes the glam wall a must. A glam wall is the perfect backdrop for all of your guest’s social media posts and it’s the perfect opportunity to ask party-goers to use your event hashtag.

Glam walls | Instagram

Mosaic photo printer

The glam wall is a great start to your party, but why wait until later to post your pics? With this printer, every post that is put on social media that uses your hashtag is sent to the printer and printed out as a sticky photo which you can place on a board to create a photo mosaic as the event is happening.

Mosaic photo printer: Photo Booth Plus | Website | Instagram

Prosecco station

Every good party needs a drink station. Prosecco is the perfect drink to celebrate this occasion and what better way to embrace Pride than to garnish your drink with rainbow themed gummy bear and fruit skewers!



During a celebration like this, it’s perfectly okay to play with your food. The rainbow theme works wonders for this Pride themed snack spread. Colourful sushi, rainbow pizza, and a colourful vegetable spread make up the heartier snacks, while Pride themed cookies and rainbow coloured cupcakes give the sweet tooth party-goers more than enough to choose from. A snack spread like this is sure to bring together and unite your guests at the food table.

Caterer: Provisions TO | Website | Instagram


Dinner Table Décor

Of course when the food is colourful, the table décor has to match. Pull the rainbow theme into play once again and use colourful elements to accentuate the wonderful food you’ve prepared.  Here are some suggestions for table decorations that go perfectly with everything else.

  • Blue linen tablecloth
  • Green wine glasses
  • Red napkins
  • White plates
  • Gold Cutlery

It’s also a good idea to include name cards for the guests! This way you can incorporate the rainbow theme into the table spread and give the guests a little something to go home with. You can even create a colourful floral centrepiece to tie it all together, if you’re up for it.

Floral Design: Stôk Floral & Design | Website | Instagram


Dinner Game

While your guests are all sitting around the table, it can be fun to have a game incorporated into dinner. A guessing game where guests have to guess which celebrity they’re holding up while others give them hints is a great conversation starter and always good for a laugh.


Kid’s Area

It can be very difficult to get a babysitter, and it’s safe to assume some of your guests will be bringing along their kids. A great way to occupy them so that your guests can party comfortably is to create a kid station. Fill it with gay-friendly picture books, Pride themed colouring books and, obviously, candy!

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